Vets Intervene to Save Lion Cub

An adorable lion cub overcame “considerable odds” to make a safe arrival at the Dallas Zoo on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Bahati Moja, whose name means “Lucky One,” was born to mom Lina and dad Kamau. Lina had previously given birth to stillborn cubs, so veterinarians intervened in an effort to ensure this little girl’s survival. Thanks to their hard work, she’s now “bonding beautifully with Lina, nursing, putting on weight and turning into a feisty little cub,” the zoo said in a Facebook post last week. The mother and daughter duo will remain behind the scenes for a few months before they make their debut. — Read it at Zooborns


Wild Dogs Feared Extinct Captured on Camera

More than 50 years after they were last seen, New Guinea highland wild dogs have been spotted in their natural island habitat. The rare canine species are the same as or close relatives of New Guinea’s singing dogs, which only live in captivity. Camera trap pictures from last year reveal at least 15 individual dogs, including males, females and pups. DNA evidence suggests the wild dogs may be the most primitive canines alive today, and scientists are hopeful they can shed more light on the ancestry of domestic dogs. — Read it at National Geographic


Still No Calf for April the Giraffe

It was back in February when thousands of fans started tuning in to a live stream of April the giraffe at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, expecting her to give birth at any moment. The zoo’s veterinarian made news on Friday when he predicted that the mom would give birth over the weekend — but the joke was on him. Still, in a Facebook post on Sunday night, Dr. Tim said April isn’t overdue. “I’m not concerned she is ‘taking so long,’ nor should you be,” he wrote in response to questions from fans. “She remains happy and comfortable (considering the circumstances) … she will have this calf when she is good and ready.” He added that he doesn’t plan to give a new timeframe for the baby’s arrival. “It really shouldn’t be much longer, I’m just not going to tell you my guesstimate anymore.”