Rare Baby Sifaka Makes Public Debut

Yousstwo, a Crowned Sifaka, was born in December at the U.K.’s Cotswold Wildlife Park to mom Tahina and dad Bafana. This rare breed of lemur is native to Madagascar. Yousstwo’s parents are the only breeding pair of Sifakas in the UK, and his mom is the first hand-reared Sifaka in history to parent-rear her own offspring. Only seven zoos around the world have this rare species. Yousstwo has been in a heated enclosure under his mom’s watchful eye since he was born, but he has now ventured outside and made his public debut. — Get updates from the Cotswold Wildlife Park’s Facebook


Bald Eagle Hatches in D.C.

A pair of bald eagle parents, Mr. President and The First Lady, made headlines earlier this month as they huddled over their nest at Washington’s National Arboretum during a late winter snowstorm. Well, their hard work and protection has paid off. The first of their eggs hatched on Wednesday morning, and is being referred to as DC4. The pair’s second egg has not hatched yet. Another patriotic pair of D.C. eagles, Justice and Liberty, had an eaglet of their own on March 15. — Read it at Washington’s WTOP


“Wonder Dog” Saves Her Owner

A woman who fell down a cliff in South Australia has her dog to thank for going to get her help. Sue Pethnick, 55, was walking with her Red Heeler, Abby, at a beach camping area on Monday afternoon when she tumbled down a sandy embankment and broke her leg. Abby knew what to do, and returned to the campsite to get the woman’s husband, Michael. “Abby the wonder dog, then led the man back to the cliff face several hundred meters away,” South Australia Police said. Rescue crews arrived to help and Sue was flown by helicopter to a local hospital, where she’s now in stable condition. “She’s certainly a little hero now,” Michael said of Abby. He planned to reward his dog with a big bone back at home.