Mom Saves Pups From Factory Fire

It was December when a Good Samaritan found a Pit Bull mix on a road in South Carolina, close to the abandoned factory where she’d been living. That same day, the empty factory caught fire. “They took her to animal control and realized she had a broken front left leg and knew she was still producing milk, so she had puppies somewhere,” said Victoria McGonigal, owner of Dochas n Gra Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Animal control called the local fire department to ask about returning to the site to look for the dog’s puppies, but it was four days until the area was safe enough to go back. When they did, the mama dog led animal control straight to the wooded spot where she’d moved her puppies. All six were safe and sound, and the rescuers believe the dog they named Miracle had broken her shoulder while moving each puppy out of the factory. Her leg was later amputated and she’s recovered. The puppies stayed with their mom until recently, when they were ready for adoption, and now their hero mom is ready for a forever home, too. — Watch it at ABC News


Rescued Meerkat Pup Gets 24/7 Care

A wide-eyed meerkat pup is getting lots of TLC at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa after his mom was struck and killed by a car. A man who was afraid the pup would be hit, too, caught him and brought him straight to the ranch for help. There, the keepers named the 6 to 8 week old pup Scout, and has been getting around-the-clock care at the facility’s Animal Care Center. He’s formed bonds with his caregivers, who are working to instill natural meerkat behavior in the little one. Scout will live at the ranch’s meerkat exhibit indefinitely. — See photos at Zooborns


Study: Puffin Couples Who Migrate Together Have More Chicks

Puffins are long-lived, monogamous birds who migrate long distances to wintering grounds. A new study that tracked 12 puffin pairs found that those mates who followed similar migration routes bred earlier and more successfully the following spring, showing a clear benefit for puffins to migrate close to their mates. The Oxford University study was published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series.