Kitten Stuck Inside Wall

Using a thermal imaging camera, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, firefighters managed to find the location of a tiny kitten who was stuck inside the wall of a resident’s home. Firefighters said the kitten was a stray whose mom may have given birth in the homeowner’s attic, or brought her little ones there looking for a safe place to stay. Either way, this kitten apparently wandered away and fell into the wall space. “The owner was more than happy to let us cut a hole in the wall. They found the little guy in there,” said deputy fire chief Timothy Heiser. “They didn’t know how long he was in there for. They washed him off and brought some food for him back to the station.” The kitten has been named Wall-ee, and will be up for adoption at Broward County Animal Care. — Read it at ABC News


Study: Cats Like You Better Than Food

Cats often get a reputation as being rather aloof. But a new study finds that felines favor human interaction over toys, smells and even food. The researchers tested 50 cats from private homes and an animal shelter and took away their access to those four types of stimuli. Then, they reintroduced the stimuli to figure out which of them the cats liked best. Half of the cats most favored human interaction over anything else, although 37 percent went for the food. The study was published in the journal Behavioural Processes. — Read it at SF Gate


Panda Cub Twins Play Outside for First Time

Now nearly 7 months old, Zoo Atlanta’s twin panda cubs reached an adorable milestone on Monday when they had their first outdoor playdate. Their personalities were on full display as Ya Lun the adventurer quickly started to explore her new space while her more reserved sister, Xi Lun, was a little more cautious. Now that spring has arrived, the sisters will continue to explore their outdoor space at limited times during the day.