Firefighters Save Dog From Cliff

A crew of 16 San Francisco firefighters came to the rescue of a dog who tumbled over a ledge and down a steep cliff in the Golden Gate National Recreation area on Wednesday. The dog got stuck on a ledge after the fall. The crew dropped ropes down the cliffside and lowered one firefighter down to get the dog. The firefighter and dog were then carefully pulled back up the embankment in a dramatic scene that was captured on video and shared on Twitter by the fire department. The dog was in an offleash area, but a spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department recommends “animals need to be within range for verbal commands, and people need to be responsible and keep their animals away from the Cliffside.” However, he said the dog sitter who was with the pooch at the time did the right thing by calling for help instead of attempting to rescue the dog on his own.


Cat Owners Not at Risk for Psychosis

Past studies have found that kids who grow up with cats are at a higher risk for mental health issues linked to a parasite cats are known to carry. But a new study has good news for cat owners. “There is no evidence that cats pose a risk to children’s mental health,” said study lead author Francesca Solmi of University College London. For the new study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 5,000 kids born in England between 1991 and 1992, and followed them until they were 18. Overall, there was no link between cat ownership and symptoms of psychosis at ages 13 or 18. “Previous studies reporting links between cat ownership and psychosis simply failed to adequately control for other possible explanations” for the link, Solmi said. The study was published in the journal Psychological Medicine.


Giraffe Calf Gets Her Name at Maryland Zoo

Visitors at the Maryland Zoo have gotten their first glimpse of a female reticulated giraffe born on Feb. 6 to 4-year-old mom, Juma, and 11-year-old dad, Caesar. After a public vote, the zoo revealed Thursday that the baby has been named Willow. “Juma is an amazing mother! Her instincts are on target,” said Erin Cantwell, mammal collection manager. “She is very attentive and has been very patient with the calf as she learns to nurse. Mother and calf are bonding well and appear to be settling into their new routine with ease. All the other giraffes are curious about this new addition — it’s fun to watch them watching the calf.”