Dog Who Lost Puppies

Firefighters in Harrisburg, North Carolina, came to the rescue of an orange tabby cat who found herself in a very tight spot on Wednesday. Officials think Crystal was chasing something at her home when she fell and got herself wedged in between the chimney and the decorative siding that surrounds it. Her meows helped lead firefighters to her location within the two-story chimney, and they had her out within an hour. “We used our best judgment on where we thought she could be and pulled the boards off the side of the house and cut a hole in there, and no sooner than we were sticking our hands in, her head was sticking out of that hole,” said the fire department’s public information officer, David Bradshaw. “Immediately she said, ‘Hey, I’m getting out of here.’ She climbed out right into the firefighter’s arms.”


New Dwarf Primate Discovered in Africa

Researchers from the U.K. detected a new species of bush baby — a tiny, bug-eyed mammal — living deep in an African jungle. The team found the 6-inch mammal when it noticed one of the calls they were hearing didn’t sound anything like the 18 known species of bush baby, also known as a galago. The Angolan dwarf galago or Galagoides kumbirensis, is named for the forest where it was found. Unfortunately, the new species may already be endangered due to deforestation in its habitat. The species is described in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.


Couple Postpones Wedding for Missing Dog

A Hollywood makeup artist and her fiancé, a Silicon Valley executive, are going all-out to try to find their beloved dog, who ran off from his pet sitter on Feb. 13. Trendee King and James Galley have put their wedding on hold as they search for Theo, a Brussels Griffon. They’ve hired a private investigator, passed out thousands of flyers, offered a $3,500 reward and taken to social media in their efforts to bring Theo home. King is still confident Theo will be found. “Theo is my best friend, we did everything together — grocery shopping, the dog park — we slept nose-to-nose,” King said. “There’s something in me that knows he’s alive and knows he’s OK. All of this is happening for a reason.”